Koch Doors

Koch and Co
Wood Interior and Exterior Doors


Quality Made Doors

We turn positive first impressions into lasting ones by building our doors to stand the test of time. All of our products are built by skilled craftsmen, using modern equipment, who are dedicated to making the finest  doors produced in America. The process begins with the selection of the finest hardwoods and plain-cut veneers.

For Koch’s interior doors, stiles and rails are edge glued and have a lag bolt assembly to ensure long-term structural integrity. Lag bolt construction is a signature feature of Koch Doors. Bored through door edges to secure stiles and rails, these long metal bolts are far stronger than wood dowels used by other manufactures. By using specially engineered core materials that resist moisture and minimize the effect of climate and temperature changes, we eliminate the prime causes of splitting and cracking.

Proudly Made in The USA

Koch and Company doors and cabinets are proudly made in America, supplying jobs to American workers. Koch and Company plant workers perform a wide variety of jobs, from sanding, finishing and assembly, to packaging and shipping.

While Koch and Company has grown steadily since it opened, they still have that home town family atmosphere.

Environmentally Friendly 

Koch and Company is an environmentally friendly company. We recycle all wood waste material by producing wood pellets and provide vans for carpooling to several cities.

Energy efficient lighting is used in the plant and all the doors and cabinets are Carb Phase II compliant.